The PodilATTIKI | Attica Bike Community is an association of urban cyclists founded in 2014 in order to promote the use of bicycles as a primary means of transport and of course entertainment.
Our goal is to protect the rights of urban cyclists and to demand better and safer conditions in our daily commute.
That is why we ask, that all together we can become a unified, powerful voice, both to the public administration and to private operators, encouraging them to take action for more favorable policies to cycling and sustainable transport and mobility in general.
The PodilATTIKI | Attica Bike Community was created by experienced urban cyclists with the common perception that the expansion and improvement of the facilities and conditions of use is key for Attiki to be a prettier, cleaner, friendlier and more civilised place to cycle. It was formed to give more tools in this effort without competing with local actions already implemented over the years.
This is why the PodilATTIKI | Attica Bike Community established these basic principles:
A purely cycling identity: Activities will be strictly bike orientated and independent of any political direction or claim.
Emphasis on institutional claims and actions: The legal form of the association, gives us new opportunities (participation in associations, legal representation, recognition from government bodies, etc.) and opens the way for coordinated movements to major claims and actions (cycle path network, change of traffic laws, social awareness and education in the Attica scale).
Action complementary to other cycling groups: Support to local activities of existing groups and, if required, support to establish new groups.
Together we can make Attica region BIKEABLE (that is PodilATTIKI in greek) and live in a city to be proud of.

[Translated by Steven Frost]